Brinen & Associates uses Loio to review over 10,000 documents and cut operational costs
Case Study
About Brinen & Associates
Established by Joshua D. Brinen in 2003, Brinen & Associates is a 7-person planning and transaction-oriented boutique law firm that offers legal advice for matters regarding all stages of corporate endeavors, securities, taxation, and litigation issues.

Headquartered in New York, the company serves corporate and private clients in Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. The firm holds state law licenses in New York, New Jersey, Florida, California, and Texas. The lawyers in the firm are also admitted as barristers in Ireland, England, and Wales.
"Technology has come to a place now where I can compete with international law firms effectively and thus save money for those clients who choose me by using technology. That means using a bunch of different tools. Loio being an important one of them."
Joshua D. Brinen
Joshua D. Brinen, an attorney and the owner of the U.S. boutique law firm Brinen & Associates, was looking for a technological solution to strengthen the firm's position in the market historically dominated by larger "Big Firm" competitors.
Inability to handle more clients due to limited capacity
Legal document review takes too long
The need to reduce operational expenses
Boost the speed and accuracy of document review
Take more clients
Cut operational costs
Key results
est. operational cost savings
reviewed within a six-month timeline
$150,000 / year —
10,000 documents
more clients
"As long as I am in Microsoft Word drafting a document, I use Loio."
Joshua D. Brinen
How Loio helps
Commenting on his installation experience, he stated that "with Loio it is really simple to learn how to work, the system is easy to roll out and set up."
In December 2020, Joshua installed Loio, an AI-powered Microsoft Word add-in for faster contract review and editing, to couple with other tools to make drafting more precise and efficient.
So far, Joshua has been the only user of the software at his firm. He has mostly been benefiting from "Styling," one of Loio's features, to do two things:
Eliminate mistakes
Clean up the formatting on an automated basis
Press "Play" to see how to use Loio's "Styling" feature.
Joshua has been utilizing Loio for every Microsoft Word document he has worked on since December 2020
According to the lawyer, Loio "does formatting perfectly." He says: "At the end of the day, I can't rely on anything that isn't human to do 100% of the work. But I can get it to 80% or 90%. That's all I'm looking for from AI."
discovery and discovery responses

filings for the security and exchange commission
press releases
placement memorandums

"Loio is a clutch player in that it consistently gets on base with what you need. What Loio is doing is the mundane tasks that nobody wants to do. And it's very important."
Joshua D. Brinen
He expects to save $150,000 in operational costs per year.
Joshua has estimated that he has reviewed over 10,000 documents with Loio's help over the past six months.
The lawyer has been utilizing Loio to process documents of any length. According to Joshua, "one of the key things that Loio does better than things like PerfectIt is that it can work with a 1,000-page document."
Key outcomes for Brinen & Associates
Improved professionalism of the communication
Boosted accuracy of document review
Increased speed of document review
For the firm's clients
Took on more clients
Faster and more precise document review
documents reviewed within a six-month timeline
est. operational cost savings per year
For the law firm
"Loio is a tool to use together with other tools to make document drafting more precise and efficient. It's never going to replace a human being. Technology makes things quicker and more affordable. Loio also increases my bandwidth to take more clients and make more money. I don't look at technology as a replacement, I look at it as a lever. "
Joshua D. Brinen
Do you want to cut costs, review documents faster, and attract more clients?
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Loio is an AI-powered Microsoft Word add-in for faster legal document review and editing.
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